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Huntd was established by Nadhisha Perera in 2015 after she quit her full time corporate job. Her love for fashion and animals came to a head in September 2013 when she decided to no longer purchase anything made from an animal after watching a PETA x Stella McCartney video on the leather industry. This former leather designer bag lover found herself unable to look at leather the same way. and vowed never to purchase it again.


In 2015 she created her vegan fashion blog Huntd to help others who were in her shoes. Her love for fashion and animals found her spending hours researching all designer brands to find those vegan designer needles in a haystack. Her blog slowly expanded into a lifestyle Instagram based blog covering fashion, food and beauty.


Around the same time her blog started to take off, her teenage dreams of designing shoes were resparked as she found it difficult to find high end and good quality shoes. After sketching and the long and arduous task of finding ethical manufacturers, Nadhisha started putting her dreams into action.


In 2017, she started working with a company in Brisbane who sourced an ethical factory in China to produce a small quantity of shoes for her. Over a year later the first collection of shoes were released.


Nadhisha first and foremost knew her shoes had to be vegan but secondly, also made ethically and as environmentally friendly as possible.


Huntd sets out to redefine the 'vegan fashion' industry by providing, well designed, on trend, ethically made, environmentally friendly and good quality footwear. She hopes to expand into apparel in the near future and continue to create footwear, one style at a time.

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