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  • Where are you shoes made?
    Our shoes are made in a small factory in Chengdu China. For more information about our factory and workers, please go to the Ethics page.
  • Why did you choose to manufacture in China?
    We chose to manufacture in China for many reasons. We did initially explore manufacturing in Australia, but found there were very limited shoe manufacturers still in business and none of them wanted to work with non leather materials. China is the leading expert in shoe manufacturing and our lovely little factory were willing to assist us in finding eco-friendly plastics to work with. Everything your shoe needs is readily available in China, therefore cutting time and costs due to efficiency. We made sure the factory we worked with was ethical by conducting an external audit, therefore we did not see any negatives in working with a Chinese factory - in fact we saw the great benefits!
  • I found a small wrinkle inside my shoe. Why is this?
    Consider that small wrinkle evidence that your shoe was lovingly handmade. Each of our shoes have been put together by a human being, therefore you may find small cosmetic flaws in places which don't affect the appearance or durability of your shoe. Before we ship out any of your shoes, we go over each shoe to make sure there are no flaws to the outer surface of your shoe. If you feel like your shoe is not of the quality you expect, please give us a shout at and we can assist you!
  • Why doesn't my order come bubble wrapped?
    You may have noticed that we have taken great care in designing beautiful boxes and packaging, but that we have not shipped it to you protected in bubblewrap. Due to our care for the environment, we made the decision to reduce as much plastic waste as possible - which means no bubblewrap. This means that your box may (depending on how it is handled by the delivery people) arrive to you slightly damaged. This is a little sacrifice we are happy to make for the environment (as long as the shoes are protected) and we hope you understand! We will still also continue to strive to find other ways in which we can reduce waste.
  • Why is there only two styles available?
    We wanted our collection to be a simple set of timeless, core pieces which every girl needs in their wardrobe.
  • How can I contact you to ask a question about a product or ordering?
    Go to our Contact page or send an email to
  • How can I return or exchange my product?
    Please visit our Shippings & Returns page for more information.
  • My size is not available. What can I do?
    Please let us know if we do not cater for your size. We will look to expand our size range if there is enough demand for it.
  • Haven't found an answer to your question?
    Please email at us
  • How long will my shoes take to arrive?
    Once shipped please allow - 3 - 7 business days for Australia wide delivery 3 - 16 business days for all other countries.
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