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Power Point (Matte Black)

$169.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
Colour: Black
  • Every girl needs a pointed power pump in their wardrobe.


    This shoe was designed with the ultimate power heel wearing girl in mind. She nevers puts comfort over style (but she secretly wishes her heels were comfortable too!)


    Lucky for her these 12cm pumps were designed with comfort in mind, but not at the sacrifice of style. There is a hidden 1.5cm platform which ensures the comfort of a 10cm heel!


    If you love to make a statement with your heels, whether it's at work, the bar, the club or a wedding, these shoes are the one for you!


    The 12cm power heel is sexy and gives you that 'legs for days' look. The matte vegan + eco friendly materials and sleek design makes these heels the perfect power accessory for any outfit.


    Every shoe comes with the HUNTD exclusive gold 'V' on the heel. This was designed to subtly signify the vegan ethics behind the shoe but it has also become an essential element to the HUNTD shoe design. Professional in the front, and a little fun in the back!


    Each shoe is handmade.


    For more information on materials and our factory, please visit our Ethics page.

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