Sunday, 19 November 2017

[DETOX] Living to 101: Stage One

Cleanse and Release.

As many of you have seen in the last two weeks from snippets on my instastories, I have been undertaking a crazy Chinese Medicine Fast. I wasn't prepared to start it in the near future and was somehow thrown into it completely unprepared, the doctor explaining that my health couldn't wait for all the work, weddings, and events I had to attend (makes sense). In hindsight it was probably a good thing. If I went home and tried to plan out 2 weeks of my life where I didn't have a hectic work schedule, a dinner with the girls or an event to go to, I'd probably keep delaying it. Seriously, when is a good time to shut yourself in your home and not eat for 2 weeks?

The reason I went to see this doctor was due to my PCOS and endometriosis. I had first heard about him from Zoe Marshall who had similar issues to me and then found out it was the same program that our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Eddie Maguire had undertaken to rehaul their health. I'm all about trying new things and definitely wanted to find a way to control my PCOS and endometriosis before further surgeries and IVF became my only option when we decided it was time to try for babies. The overall goal of this program is for patients to live until they are 101 or at least pass away peacefully (and not disease ridden) when the time comes.

During the initial consult with my doctor, I found out that 1. there was not enough oxygen in my blood to circulate through my body and 2. the lower half of my body was literally draining me of my nutrients and energy. Both of these made extreme sense to me because I've always had really bad circulation in my legs, to the point where I've had to wear compression socks on long journeys and plane flights and no matter how much sleep I've gotten at night or during the day, I am ALWAYS TIRED.

My doctor advised that I needed to lose roughly 12kg to achieve a weight where my body would function efficiently, needing less water and food and not having to exhaust itself. Phase 1 involves cleaning out my blood to allow energy to flow more efficiently through my body and for my body to use all the energy that it is not using consuming food, to repair and renew all my organs.

For the next 2 weeks I will be consuming 3 x herbal teas per day, replacing breakfast, lunch and dinner, and going into the clinic every morning for 1 hour of massage and accupuncture. I am allowed to drink minimal boiled water and organic black tea.

Day 1 & 2

Emotional and mental state: Energetic, positive, excited - even dreamt that I fell pregnant
Hunger: Minimal
Symptoms: slight hunger pangs that would go away once I drank the herbal concoctions and black tea. the acupuncture on my tummy (about 22 needles in my tummy) have caused massive bruising which is slightly uncomfortable.
Weight loss: 1.1kg

Day 3

Emotional and mental state: Pretty low due to the symptoms
Hunger: Still minimal, but definitely mentally thinking about food - even having dreams about food
Symptoms: at night I had the worst migraine which led to nausea. The acupuncture needles are becoming slightly more painful each day as I am becoming more sensitive as the fast continues.
Weight loss: 600g

Day 4 - apparently the hardest day

Emotional and mental state: pretty grim in the morning but definitely uplifted during the day as all my energy returned
Hunger: Stomach was making gurgling noises, but no other signs of hunger
Symptoms: Sever nausea and dizziness in the morning but after my massage and acupuncture I was full of energy
Weight loss: 600g

Day 5, 6 & 7

Emotional and mental state: feeling a bit low. The weekend was coming up and I knew I had to stay at home. Looking forward to the burst of energy I'm meant to feel in the second week. Starting to obsessively watch cooking shows, imagining all the food I can cook once I finish the detox!
Hunger: not too hungry, the teas fill me up and quite frankly make me too nauseous to want food.
Symptoms: nausea straight after drinking the teas. The smell and taste is getting stronger
Weight loss: 1.6kg

Day 8 (week 2 begins)

Emotional and mental state: Still very low. The energy burst hasn't come, infact I feel worse!
Hunger: Getting a bit hungry. But still too nauseous to want food.

Symptoms: Strong sense of smell. Every smell makes me feel sick. The massage and acupuncture isn't making me feel as good as last week.

Weight loss: 300g

Day 9

Emotional and mental state: Same as yesterday
Hunger: ∫Still not too much hunger.
Symptoms: Not as nauseous as yesterday, but the taste and smell of the teas are becoming intolerable.  Getting used to the accupuncture needles.
Weight loss: 700g

Day 10 - I have a concert to go to!

Emotional and mental state: Feeling pretty nervous. Work in the morning is ok, but I have a Drake concert to go to and I'm worried if I will be ok.

Hunger: not hungry, but wanting to eat food

Symptoms: During the day i'm fine. At the Drake concert I'm ok at first and stand up on my feet and try to bop around as much as I can (it's exciting), but mentally I'm not in the mood. After about 20 minutes a wave of nausea hits me really fast. Everything becomes hot and I have to sit down with my head down. Yep, i'm the girl sitting at the Drake concert with her head down!! EMBARASSING! I call my husband to come pick me up straight away (he's hanging out with his friends close by incase I need him) and as soon as I walk out of the arena, I feel much better! I think I over exerted myself physically and emotionally/mentally.
Weight loss: 0g

Day 11

Emotional and mental state: Feeling a bit better today. I'm able to walk around without feeling too tired.  
Hunger: Still not too strong. 
Symptoms: Small bursts of ebergy, but get out of breath pretty quickly 
Weight loss: 700g (all that moving around at Drake)

Day 12 & 13

Emotional and mental state: Pretty average. Keen that two weeks is nearly up
Hunger: Surprisingly non existent. The teas, massage and accupuncture keep the hunger at bay.
Symptoms: Short of breath quite easily, lack of energy
Weight loss: 300g

Day 14

Emotional and mental state: So proud I've made it 2 weeks without even cheating. It's probably the hardest thing I've ever done and the only detox I've ever stuck with. Looking forward to getting rid of the teas (and replacing them with capsules) and looking forward to the tiny amounts of food I can eat.

Hunger: Still the same. I can get through the last day without cheating
Symptoms:  Still quite lethargic and get out of breath pretty quickly

Weight loss: 300g


Total weight loss: 6.2kg
My doctor said my weight loss could have been better - I probably drank more water than advised. He asked if I wanted to fast another week and I promptly said no. He's put me on a diet of mostly 1/2 cucumber per day for the next week and said that the capsules will slow down my weight loss which I am totally fine with. My friends have noticed huge changes in my body, especially my face and upper body and my skin is looking so good.

The hardest part of the 2 weeks was definitely the teas. The taste and smell became unbearable for me to the point of dry retching every single time. Not being able to guzzle down 2 litres of water like normal was really hard for me too. During the detox phase your mouth becomes super dry, but doctors warn you away from drinking too much water or your weight loss results won't be as good. Missing out on social events and life in general took a toll on my mental health, but seeing physical results definitely kept me on the right path. 

Looking forward to a week of cucumbers!

For the love of animals,
Nadhisha xx


This is not a paid post, just my personal experience. 

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