Sunday, 27 August 2017

[BRANDS I LOVE] Unreal Fur

Winter is winding down here in Australia, although lately it has already started to feel like Spring. That means that soon, our friends across the sea will be heading into their Autumn/Fall. A fashion piece that has been a constant in my wardrobe the last few months has been my incredibly cosy faux fur.

Unreal Fur as a brand is all about creating a luxurious and ethical alternative to fur. They are an independent, PETA-certified Australian label driven by a passion for animal welfare and a love of fashion. 'Each item is crafted by some of the world’s top furriers (of whom no longer work with fur) who treat the product as if it were the real thing; each jacket is individually cut using the finest quality synthetic materials to achieve the appearance and texture of real fur.'

I've written about the brand Unreal Fur in an article I wrote for Trend Prive Magazine - 'To Faux or Not to Faux' and was thrilled when approached to collaborate. I had already bought a piece myself, tempted by big industry names such as Nadia Bartel, Lana Wilkinson and Bec Judd who had already endorsed the brand. As soon as I opened the box, the softest (faux) fur literally burst out. I was crossing my fingers with the fit as I do have bigger arms than most, but was thrilled to find the size small fit perfectly. I had found my jacket for the season, and was super lucky enough to be sent it in different colours too!

If you're umming and ahhing about the price tag, let me reassure you. The quality, fit and warmth alone is worth the $309AUD. The fur is amazingly soft, and hasn't changed texture after the many wears it has endured and I know that it will be a staple piece I can rewear each winter. Unfortunately sometimes you need to sacrifice farrshun, in order to keep warm, or vice versa; we risk getting pneumonia, in order to wear a jacket or coat that matches perfectly with our outfit. I love that with Unreal Fur, you don't have to sacrifice either. My grey and forest green furs go with ANYTHING, and can be completely dressed up or down simply by changing the shoes and I pull out my baby blue piece when I'm feeling a little more daring.

What I love most is that when I wear my Unreal Fur, at least one person starts a conversation about it. Whether it be the drunk guy at the kebab shop who would not stop telling me how drawn he was to my forest green fur, or just a friend, casually stroking my jacket, amazed at how soft it was; this spark of conversation has allowed me to begin discussions on the fur industry. Even if it's just a brief statement, I am able to inform people in different ways about the cruelty of the fur industry, and the 'cool'-elty of my Unreal Furs.

And just FYI - Unreal Fur not only do amazingly lush furs, they also do - magically soft faux suede trench coats, pants, faux fur scarves, vests, camis, sequinned skirts and dresses.

Outfit 1: Unreal Dream in Pastel Blue 
Outfit 2: Unreal Dream in Grey
Outfit 3: Magic Trench in Pastel Blue
Outfit 4: Magic Trench in Ice Coffee
Outfit 5: Unreal Dream in Forest Green

P.S Their Magic Trench Coats are on sale now!

Here are some of the faux furs on my wishlist:

Left: Unreal Dream in Burgundy
Middle: Unreal Dream in Blush
Right: Unreal Dream in Navy

For the love of animals,
Nadhisha xx

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