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[BRANDS I LOVE] Delicious Skin


So a year or two ago something hit me. It hit me like a tsunami, slapped me in the face. DUN DUN DUUHHH!! I am getting OLD. So 27 is not old at all. I get that. But gone are the days where I can waltz out of the house with eyeliner, mascara and not much else on my skin. In my teens I was lucky enough to have near perfect skin. Looking back on old clubbing photos from my partying days I had enviable clear skin with a smooth, dewy, even complexion and I probably didn't even know what foundation was. As the years passed, I think as a follow on from not wearing foundation in my teens and early 20s I was still blessed enough to get away with just some concealer under the eyes and on my chin to cover my hormonal pimple scars.

I think it was around my 25th birthday when I started to wonder why my skin was acting up, why I no longer looked good with just moisturiser and minimal make up and that's when it hit me. My skin was aging! I never thought I was going to ever see the day when I would have to worry about the woes that come with getting older. 

Although I am yet to see a wrinkle (thank you genes and thank you husband for letting me sleep in), I do notice that the weather really effects my skin. I would classify my skin as a combination of dry zones and oily, but not overly oily zones. I only ever break out on my chin and since becoming vegan even that rarely happens.

So now I am in my late 20s and I need to think about preserving my skin for the future or I know I am going to regret it. Each time I go to bed exhausted and think "oh I didn't wear any make up today so I don't have to wash my face" I think of future me and get my ass up and to the bathroom.

Since adopting a fully vegan lifestyle at the beginning of the year, I now make google my best friend when buying pretty much anything! A lot of natural skin care products still have ingredients derived from animals so it wasn't as simple as trying something organic or something that was advertised as being natural. 

I stumbled across Delicious Skin through a Facebook group for female entrepreneurs (shout out to my fellow LMBDW!). I saw a post and zoned in on two of my favourite keywords VEGAN and ORGANIC and I stopped scrolling and tuned in. I followed Delicious Skin on Instagram and was so pleased to find a skin care range that was vegan, cruelty free and made in Australia. Not only could I get all my skin care needs in one place, but I could get skin care with ADORABLE packaging (and oh how I love good packaging). When Nicola, the owner of Delicious Skin asked if I would like to try a few products I was over the moon. My non vegan skin care products were just about to run out and winter had just begun so this was a perfect time to start something new.

Supple Silk Serum

When to use it: Use immediately after cleansing and toning.

Tip: Use Delicious Skin Clean Butter Cleanser before for an even better experience.

Verdict: The silk serum is my favourite! After cleansing and toning I find that the lower half of my face gets super dry. One (or two) pumps of this liquid gold slathered around my face, neck and decolletage and I was in moisture heaven. My skin isn't too dry all over so I found this product was perfect to use on its own both day and night. And not only did my bathroom smell like an expensive spa but a little benefit I found was that my concealer went on much smoother after using the serum.

Ingredients: Organic Argan Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E, Delicious Skin’s Signature Blend of Essential Oils: Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender and Chamomile.

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Soft Moisturising Cream

When to use it: If you need the extra moisture, let the silk serum soak into your skin and follow with the cream. Otherwise use it ALL OVER. SO GOOD.

Tip: Scoop some out with the back of your finger and warm it up by rubbing your hands together before applying.

Verdict: I SMELL LIKE A CAKE! This moisturiser is literally the icing on the cake. Smells like icing, looks like icing *starts drooling* - good enough to eat. I found that the silk serum was enough moisture for me so I used this ah-mazing buttery cream on my elbows and all the areas prone to stretch marks as the cream has amazing anti-stretch mark-y ingredients like cocoa butter and shea butter.

On a side note - I'm pretty sure if I took a lick (which I didn't but oh so wanted to) I could - just look at those delicious ingredients!

Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Vanilla Powder.

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Polished All Over Scrub

When to use it: I exfoliate my face about once a week but you could use this daily if your skin is super dry. It does leave behind a citrus-y oil so depending on whether you need the extra moisture I would use it before or after cleansing/toning (I used it before and then washed off the oil with cleanser). Use daily as a body scrub!

Tip: If you use it on your body don't go crazy with the towel. Pat your skin dry and your body will absorb up all the oily goodness after a few minutes.

Verdict: YUM! Another one I could eat. I always forget to moisturise my body before I go out so the combination of coconut oil, almond oil and orange essential oil has my back! I like to think that generally I take note on how the products I purchase affect the environment. Unlike exfoliaters which use micro beads (tiny plastic balls which do not disintegrate and float around our water ways and pretty much wreak havoc on the environment and sea life), sugar scrubs dissolves in water.

Ingredients: Organic raw sugar, brown sugar, organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin e, vanilla powder, sweet orange essential oil.

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Silky Lip Salve

When to use it: Use this whenever you need to. It's also great to use before applying lipstick!

Tip: Please do not try to open the lid with your teeth, a knife or even a fork like I did. Simply break the seal and slide the lid off (insert crying/laughing emoji). I think I must have spent about 30 minutes trying to pry the lid upwards, gave up and threw it on the table and the lid just magically slid off! So if you're not silly like me, another good tip is to warm the product up a little between your fingers before applying for a smoother application.

Verdict: YUM! I got the cocoa mint flavour so it felt like I was slathering peppermint chocolate onto my lips! This is a great alternative to other balms that tend to go on a bit glossy. The lip salve goes on matte so I use it before I wear lipstick.

Ingredients: Organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia wax, vitamin e, peppermint essential oil.

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The Results

Above is my one month  before and after photo and despite the after photo being a little darker (cause I suck at editing photos) the proof is all there. I've honestly had so many people ask me in the last month (even the night before I posted this) what skin care products I use and I was more than happy to gush about these products. My skin has never been so dewy and hydrated and makeup has never been so easy to apply, not to mention that the delicious smells have made taking care of my skin a pleasure!

A little tip - my skin did break out in the first week because skin tends to do that when you change products. Don't give up on a new skin care range just because you break out because with time the breakouts disappear and I haven't had a pimple since! Overall, my skin tone has evened out, the redness and pimples have disappeared, my cracked lips have healed and my skin is just so velvety and smooth. I'm sure with more time and persistence, drinking more water and looking after my skin with organic and natural products like Delicious Skin my skin will be even better.

Remember that your skin soaks up anything that you put onto it so be kind to yourself by making sure you choose products that are natural and organic and also be kind to animals by choosing vegan and cruelty free products. I also think that it's so important to support small businesses, the ones that use ethical practices and are transparent in their conduct and what they put into their products so why not explore great home made skin care products like Delicious Skin.


Note: This was not a sponsored post. All opinions and advice are of my own.

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