Tuesday, 9 February 2016

[ETHIQUE 212] Vegan Brands I love!

I love discovering new vegan brands! Yes, there are heaps of brands out there that do not use animal products but there aren't that many that do it for the sake of animals. I also get excited when I find ethical labels who not only consider the lives of the innocent, but those who also care for the environment and the human lives they impact.

P.S It's also a huge plus when the brand is fashion forward and have an abundance of on trend goodies to purchase!

One such brand is Ethique 212 created by New York designer Ted Rossi. Ted created Ted Rossi INC in New York City 15 years ago and has enjoyed seeing his jewellery worn by celebrities like J Lo. Tay Tay, Miley, Megan Fox and Eva Longoria - just to name a few (seriously there are so many!)

Thanks to social media, Ted, like many of us became more aware of the plight of animals in the fashion industry and becoming vegan himself he decided to create a new brand - hence the birth of Ethique 212.

I personally love the minimalist, yet bold style of both his jewellery and bags and being a lover of all black everything outfits, the Nolita Studded Clutch went perfectly with my outfit. The Open Bling Ring added some much needed sparkle to my outfit finishing off this look.

What's admirable about Ethique 212's mission is that they are truly what you would call an ethical brand.  All their products are made in New York from environmentally friendly materials. They make sure to recycle all waste products and ensure that the business is run fairly an ethically. A huge plus is that some of the proceeds made from purchasing their products goes to PETA - win!

Some of my top picks are -

The Nolita Clutch in khaki faux lizard
Shop here

Le Petit Bucket Bag
Shop here

Metal Bling Choker
Shop here

Metal Cut Out Cuff
Shop here

When a brand can deliver in terms of fashion, ethics and morals, then that is a no brainer for me!

Le Specs Sunglasses: Shop here
Cotton On The One Shirt: Shop here
Supre Pencil Skirt: Shop here
[VEGAN] Ethique 212 Nolita Clutch: Shop here
Ethique 212 Open Bling Ring: Shop here
Seed Heritage Cuff:  Purchase in store
[VEGAN] Spurr Shoes: Shop here

For the love of animals,

Nadhisha xx

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