Monday, 23 November 2015

[WATCH OUT]: Vegan Timepieces

A friend recently told me that she saw a watch she loved but then found out the straps were made from leather. Lately, I've been so pleased that my friends and family have approached me and started talking about vegan options and discussing the alternatives. When I first started this blog, all I wanted to do was inform my friends, family and readers about animal friendly options when it came to fashion as I found people just really weren't aware (much like I was a few years ago). Hearing my friend's frustration in finding out that the watch she really wanted was made from leather 1) made me incredibly happy knowing that there are kind and caring people out there that would love to avoid buying animal products and 2) gave me a fantastic idea for a blog post.

A watch is something that is worn by almost everyone, and luckily for us, these days they've become more of a fashion statement, coming in a range of designs, materials and colours - and even luckier for us is that there are lots of amazing vegan options!

My favourite watch would have to be my Daniel Wellington 'Classy Glasgow' navy and white striped watch with rose gold detailing. It goes with almost any outfit and gives your whole look a bit of a sports luxe vibe. For the shoot below, I chose to pare back the colours and keep the look minimalistic as I think that sometimes even the simplest of accessories can be the focal point of an outfit.

Below, I've also put together a list of my favourite vegan watches (and don't worry boys. If you see something you like, hit the link, go back a few pages and I'm sure there are some male options in there too!)


Price: $249 AUD
Purchase it here:

  Cotton On Dress: Shop navy version here
[VEGAN] Spurr Shoes: Sold out
Quay Eyewear: Shop similar

Aeon Collections - Rose Gold Mesh
Price: $289 AUD
Purchase it here:

Larson & Jennings - Liten Silver Plated
Price: $501 AUD
Purchase it here:

Adidas Originals -Santiago 
Price: $96 AUD
Purchase it here:

Casio - Vintage Gold Digital Watch
Price: $80 AUD
Purchase it here:

Michael Kors - Parker
Price: $449 AUD
Purchase it here:

Nixon - Bullet
Price: $399 AUD
Purchase it here:

DKNY - Soho 

Price: $199 AUD 
Purchase it here:

Fossil - Tailor

Price: $199 AUD
Purchase it here:

Kenzo - Tiger Silicone

Price: $188 AUD
Purchase it here:,4&sh=0&pge=2&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=Black&totalstyles=129&gridsize=3

ASOS - Tan Strap
Price: $47 AUD

For the love of animals,
Nadhisha xx

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