Sunday, 1 November 2015

[TRENDING]: Suede Alternatives

Did you know that Suede is a leather? I didn't until I started looking into non animal products and materials. Suede is usually made from the underside skin of a lamb, goat, calf or deer as opposed to the tougher skin used for other leather goods.

Luckily there are great alternatives to suede like the skirt I am wearing which is made from polyester and elastane which has gone through a process to give it a suede like texture. Other alternatives to suede are "suedette" which is typically made from cotton or microfibre plush which is made to look like suede (called Alcantara or Ultrasuede).
Since elements of the 90s are returning to fashion (which pretty much means the 70s are also returning), you will start to see a lot more suede popping up on the fashion scene. Why not throw in some fringe while you're at it to complete the 70s/90s look. Always check the labels to see whether you're buying real suede or an alternative.

Happy Shopping!

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