Monday, 28 September 2015

[MULES]: An Old Friend That's Here To Stay

Think clogs, but more farshun.

Looking back at where my obsession with shoes began, I think the first pair of "high heels" I wore were a pair of extremely high wedged mules that belonged to my best friend about 15 years ago when we were about 10 or 11. I was completely obsessed with them and used to make any excuse under the sun to wear them and found myself wearing them to every (adult accompanied) shopping trip or hang out. NB. They were also the go to shoe for the over 60s but who remembers that anyways?

With the return of the 90s to the fashion scene - crop tops, flared jeans, high rise anything etc. the mules also saw a return to the runway in Spring 2014. Their appearance seemed to die down a bit during winter (because really, who wants cold heels?) but they're making another comeback with shoe designers releasing a whole range of muley goodness to choose from.

We now can choose between high heels, low heels, block heels, stilettos and even open toes which means that there is practically a mule to suit every taste.

I bought these Spurr mules exactly a year ago when they started making an appearance, but for some reason they sat pretty in my wardrobe for quite some time. As the weather is getting sunnier and a new generation of mules are making an appearance I thought I would take these babies out for the day.

Being a block heel girl myself, I found they were surprisingly so comfortable and easy to walk in and the best part was, that if I needed to take them off, I could literally just kick my heels up and they'd come off with ease.

The great thing about mules is that they don't come all the way up the front of your foot making your legs look slightly longer, and that is always a plus for me - goodbye cankles! My pick from the Spurr Shoes current range of mules would be the Ebony Double Strap Mules. They come in black, tan and white and of course are 100% leather free! Shop them here for just $50!
The weather in Sydney on the weekend was quite windy so I teamed them up with my Cotton On jeans, my go to striped tank, a khaki jacket and my Vivienne Westwood Sharlenemania vegan handbag. 

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For the love of animals - Nadhisha xx

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