Monday, 7 September 2015

[SWAP]: Five Fashion Must Haves

We're moving into Spring here in Australia which means some days will be brilliantly sunny, whilst others (mostly) will be slightly cold and unfortunately rainy. I've put together some fashion must haves and paired them up with their cruelty free (and can I mention, more affordable) options.

Must have [ONE] - The Leather Pants
Left: Balmain Paris, Moto-style leather skinny pants - RRP: $3521 AUD
[VEGAN] Right: Aje, Down the Line leggings made from PU Leather - RRP: $350 [ON THE WISH LIST]

These Aje. leather leggings are a lust have for Spring. As we are transitioning from the ice cold weather we saw in June-August (ok let's be real, it's more like April - August), there are still some cooler days in Spring so leather pants are a great trans-seasonal buy. These PU Leather leggings are such a statement piece. My motto is that if I am going to splurge on an item, there has to be something special about it. These leggings have quilted paneling down the sides and amazingly intricate sequinned, beaded and frayed details on the knees. What makes these pants even more awesome is that Aje. is an Australian brand! They are on my wish list for this Spring for sure!

Purchase them here:

Must have [ TWO] - The Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Top: Chanel, Classic Flag Bag in Quilted Lambskin - RRP: $6980 AUD
[VEGAN][LUXE] Middle: Stella McCartney, Falabella Quilted Mini Bag - RRP: $1370 AUD [ON THE WISHLIST]
[VEGAN] Bottom: Vivienne Westwood, Sharlenemania Quilted Shoulder Bag - RRP: $635 AUD

This particular must have will never go out of fashion as far as I'm concerned. As much as I would love to get my pretty (/chubby) little fingers on one of these I just can't bring myself to buy leather. The thought that an animal has suffered for the sake of a handbag is just ludicrous to me. Thankfully we have some luxe and some affordable options.

The Falabella bag is the iconic bag of my vegan fashion icon (/hero) Stella McCartney. Not only are all her bags and clothing made from cruelty free materials, but she campaigns against animal cruelty through PETA and is vegetarian therefore making this brand a lust have for any vegan fashionista.

Purchase Stella McCartney from here:

The Vivienne Westwood, Sharlenemania Quilted Shoulder Bag is one that I actually own. It's great to take shopping and rose gold chain adds an edge to any outfit you wear. It's quality shines through in its durability (I know because I tend to throw my bags around a lot) so it's also a great option to take to work if you're not a fan of lugging around heavy totes filled with heavy stuff.

Must have [THREE] - Valentino Rockstud Shoes

Left: Valentino Rockstud Pumps - RRP: $1512 AUD
[VEGAN] Right: Spurr Shoes, Kain Studded Pointy Heels - RRP: $60 AUD

I'm sure you've seen the Valentino Rockstud pumps and flats popping up all over Instagram and Pinterest lately - I've even seen a few daring brides wearing them on their big day. They are beautiful and iconic to the point where even my husband and his friends know the exact name and brand of the shoes. 

If anyone knows me, they know that I am highly against luxury knock offs. I just feel like if there are so many knock offs out there, there will come a time where people start thinking the real thing is also a knock off which is insulting to the brand and the purchaser and just defeats the purpose of working hard to buy something that is considered a luxury. 

But I know that not everyone is like me so I thought I would still show you this Spurr Shoes option. I love Spurr Shoes - they are my go to for footwear as they're always made from non leather options and they're really affordable. When shoe trends go just as fast as they came in, the affordability of Spurr Shoes means that you won't break the bank each time a new trend comes out. 

These heels come in both black and nude and are just similar enough to the Rockstuds that when worn in the dark, they would probably look like the real thing.

This fashion must have is one that I will probably have to admire from afar though as the similarities between the two are just a bit too close for my liking.

Must have [FOUR] - Givenchy Antigona

Top: Givenchy,  Medium Antigona in black goat leather - RRP: Roughly $3200 AUD
[VEGAN] Bottom: Givenchy, Rubber-Effect Medium Antigona - RRP: Roughly $3200 AUD

Thankfully this beauty is a must have that I didn't really need to swap for another bag. My excitement hit the roof when I found out that the bag I was lusting after for so long actually came in a non leather option! This beauty is made from a combination of PVC, polyester and polyurethane and comes with the gold hardware (the leather version comes in silver and gold). I will do a review on the bag soon as there are some pros and cons, but it is definitely my favourite bag at the moment and I take it everywhere!

Purchase it here: Sorry! I tried to find a store where it was available but it looks like it is sold out everywhere! I will let you know if I find stock!

Must have [FIVE] - Gladiator Sandals 

Left: Stuart Weitzman, Gladiator Leather Sandals - RRP: $715 AUD
[VEGAN] Right: Free People, Republic Vegan Gladiator Sandals - RRP: $211 AUD [ON THE WISHLIST]

The gladiator sandal has been around the fashion scene for quite some time (just have a look at the Kardashians) in various forms and Spring is the perfect time to pull them out without looking insanely cold. They're a perfect statement piece and will carry you over into summer. These Free People gladiators are definitely on my wish list and I actually prefer the thicker strap over the thinner straps of some of the other ones I have seen. Free People have a range of vegan shoes and being the proud owner of one myself, I know that their shoes are really durable and are great quality. They also come in three different colours!

Purchase them here:

Well there you have it! My 5 animal friendly fashion picks going into Spring. I hope you enjoyed my first post (/essay) and I hope I make it easier to pick animal friendly options next time you feel like buying something beautiful.

For the love of animals, Nadhisha xx

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